Bookmakers in Doubt: Leeds United or Fulham?

If you are one of those people who regularly watch football, you probably have your own opinion about ‘who’s the best of them all’ when it comes to Championship 2019/20. Although it is quite difficult to be completely accurate when it comes to predictions, bookmakers try to do it in the best possible way by taking into account all the facts, news and information they can find. 

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Top Contenders

In the last couple of months, everyone is talking about Leeds United winning the Championship this year after they ceased to do it last season. They finished third, as well as quite disappointed; nevertheless, Marcelo Bielsa is still there, eager to finish what he has left undone. 

After 7 matches that have been played so far, the team from West Yorkshire seems to be winning. However, many believe that Fulham, which is currently number eleven, has a chance to return to England’s most desireable competition due to their strong line of attack.

While we wait for Fulham to wake up and put in some more work to prove they deserve position number one, other teams also work on achieving that mutual goal. Swansea, for example, keeps up the good work, followed by some other strong contestants. 

There are also Charlton and Bristol City that stand in line not so far away from the top two. Other than that, both Preston and West Brom threaten to take over when least expected.

The Bottom Line

Of course, everyone is concerned about the possible winner of the Championship, but how about the ones who might not even stay there next season? In this lift bound to go down, three teams haven’t done so well, at least for now. Barnsley’s standing is a bit better when it comes to points, but it still belongs to the three teams with the lowest rating. Both Huddersfield and Stoke have only one point and zero games won. Now the question is — Can any of the two teams find strength and motivation to move from the bottom to the safe zone?

Taking out of the equation the top six and the last three, we get a bunch of teams that can all beat one another, and not only that. Even after years of watching soccer and collecting valuable information, there is a chance that bookmakers can go wrong. Things can change in a blink of an eye, and all this can go upside down. 

After all, this is only the beginning of a wonderful season ahead. So, grab a beer, and may the best team win!