Johnnie Jackson Comments on Charlton’s Youngsters

If you are from the UK, chances are you love football and probably bingo. If the latter is true, grab the winner bingo coupon code and enjoy some bingo. However, it’s likely you are more interested in football, and Charlton Athletic’s Johnnie Jackson has some news about the team for you.

Recently the Addicks made some severe changes in their top eleven as they introduced nine new players that came out of the club’s youth academy. Despite not starting great, these youngsters have still a lot to learn and will soon become one of the top players for Charlton.

Johnnie Jackson, the team’s manager, along with Jason Euell and Lee Bowyer stated that the team must learn their lessons from every defeat.

He stated that the lads had worked hard but that the inexperience had taken its toll, resulting in their defeat. First of all, they were respecting their opponents – MK Dons and this had cost them two goals in the first fifteen minutes of the game.

Jackson added that those two goals had been nothing spectacular, and they were mainly the result of their own inexperience rather than the superiority of MK Dons. When the half-time was reached, Jackson and his helpers said a few very harsh words to the youngsters, and they immediately started practising it infield as soon as they went out to play the second halftime.

This harsh talks had results, and the spectators could see this in the play of Charlton Athletic. They dominated for the most of the second half and MK Dons were unable to do give any resistance.

Jackson stated that some of the young players might not get the opportunity to play again in the first eleven for a long time. It was just a taste of what playing the cup looks like, but they will have to go back to training and work a lot before being able to play in the starting 11 once again.

According to Jackson, there was no hiding place then since they are welcomed to professional football, and everyone had to strive towards a higher level of play.

One of the players was really standing out, and Jackson grabbed an opportunity to make a comment about him – Albie Morgan. He stated that Albie was the type of a player always trying to prove themselves. However, he added that he was also very young and that the mistakes were a necessary part of his growing-up.

He added that the team and the coaches accepted that fact – the fact that he had lost the ball to the opponents a couple of times during the match. However, they believe that Albie will soon learn how to win it back as they think that he is a fearless kid who is a great football player for someone of his age. He still has a lot to learn, but it is inevitable that he will become a crucial part of Charlton Athletic one day.