Lee Bowyer Proud of Addicks Winning against Wanderers

Charlton Athletic, or the Addicks, faced against the Wycombe Wanderers, or the Blues. On September 8, Addicks came out on top, defeating the Wanderers. While there was an excessive amount of difficulties and obstacles to overcome, the Addicks came together and eventually trampled their opponent.

It wasn’t an aesthetically pleasing victory, as the score was close with 3-2, and there were numerous injuries. The former player, and now the manager of the team, Lee Bowyer said that he was proud of the victory, claiming it was a well-deserved one.

“The most important thing is that it’s good to win ugly at times,” said Bowyer.

The second half of the match could have been particularly difficult for Charlton Athletic, due to them losing two players. Darren Pratley and Nicky Ajose had to leave the match due to injury. However, the subs filled in for them nicely.

“Reeves did well in the second half,” Bowyer said, referring to Ben Reeves, one of the two replacements. The other one was George Lapslie, whose contribution could also be felt in the field. One of the reasons the match turned out the way it did was the impressive play by Jed Steer, brought in as the secret weapon against Wycombe.

To the Wanderers’ credit, they were fighting until the very end, and they did have a strong start in the second period, but the hosts were just too much for them to handle.

Gareth Ainsworth, the manager of the Wanderers was responsible for making numerous changes to the teams composition in hopes of turning the tide in Blues’ favor, and even tried to revert to the original composition, though that proved unfruitful, since, among other issues, Matt Bloomfield was out of commission due to a concussion from one of the previous games.

In spite of all this, Gareth Ainsworth keeps a positive attitude. He said that he believes the team still has what it takes to stay in the league, as long as they get rid of sloppy errors. There were chances to take the lead once the score was 1-1, but the team simply couldn’t take advantage of the situation and paid for their mistakes.

Still, Ainsworth believes nothing will eliminate the Blues from the league. “…if we keep playing like that we will have more than enough to stay in this division,” he said.